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Third Atlanta DUI License Suspensions

Third Atlanta DUI Driver's License Suspension

If you have been arrested for your third DUI in Georgia, then you likely understand what it at risk. In addition to expected jail time, fines and fees, drug or alcohol evaluation and counseling, and a suspended driver's license, a third DUI can carry a change in driver status. A third DUI within 5 years will result in “habitual violator” status or HV. The Department of Driver Services (DDS) will designate a driver as HV, which can trigger additional penalties.

A first DUI carries a 1 year license suspension, but a limited use permit may be obtained to allow a driver to go to and from school or work. A second DUI will result in an 18-months suspension, with a limited use ignition interlock device (IID) permit available after 120 days and upon court permission. Upon designation as a habitual violator with a third DUI in 5 years, DDS will actually revoke the driver's license.

Revocation lasts for 5 years. Of that five year revocation, there will be absolutely no driving for a full two years, with no limited use or ignition interlock permit available. Only after waiting two years will an ignition interlock limited use permit be available. A probationary license may be available, but several factors may make a driver ineligible for even a probationary license, dependant on their driving and criminal history, including moving violations, underage alcohol offenses, and drug offenses.

A probationary license will require an IID installed on the car. For the car to start, the driver will have to blow a clean (no alcohol) breath into the machine. In order to continue operation of the car, the IID will prompt regular clean breaths, or the car will alarm and record a violation. Many people have attempted to bypass the IIDs, but technology has been catching up to traditional “tricks.”

In order to get the ignition interlock permit, the driver will have to wait two years after their license has been revoked. In addition, the driver has to have satisfied certain criteria, which includes:

  • DUI Risk Reduction Program;
  • Installation and payment for the IID;
  • Payment for regular IID maintenance;
  • Clinical alcohol assessment and treatment; and
  • Payment for the risk reduction course currently totaling $355.

Even after being issued an ignition interlock permit, the driver will only be allowed to driver to and from:

  • and in the course of employment;
  • scheduled medical care or to obtain prescription drugs;
  • school or college;
  • drug or alcohol abuse support meetings; and
  • court ordered DUI school.

Driver's License Reinstatement After a 3rd DUI

To get your driver's license reinstated after revocation for a 3rd DUI, you will first have to wait 5 years. After five years, and by completing all DDS requirements, including payment of a $410 reinstatement fee, then you may be able to have your license back, without an IID or driving location limitations.

Atlanta Third DUI Lawyer

License suspension for a first or second DUI is not the same as for a third DUI. As a habitual violator, license revocation lasts for 5 years. Fighting a third DUI can be more complicated than challenging a first or second DUI, which is why you need a skilled Atlanta DUI defense lawyer with experience representing people charged with multiple DUIs. I understand how to investigate and DUI cases, to give my clients every possible defense. Don't risk long-term loss of your license to drive. Call me anytime day or night, so we can discuss what happened in your case, and how we will fight to keep your license and defend your rights.

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