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Richard S. Lawson is one of Georgia's preeminent DUI defense lawyers. This is because he focuses his law practice solely on DUI defense. Mr. Lawson has devoted his practice to Georgia DUI law, and uses his focused experience and training to help his clients get the best results in their DUI case.

Mr. Lawson treats every case with special attention, doing all he can to defend those wrongly accused of drunk driving charges. Even if someone has made a mistake, and is guilty of driving while intoxicated, Mr. Lawson will make sure they receive fair treatment, and have their legal rights defended. Each and every client deserves only the best representation, because so much is at risk in a DUI case.

Richard Lawson had his legal training right here in Atlanta at the Emory University School of Law. While at Emory, he showed his natural talent in the courtroom when he was awarded for his mock trial skills. After graduation, he was selected as an Assistant District Attorney, where he was responsible for prosecuting DUI cases for the State of Georgia. As a DUI prosecutor, he was trained to prosecute DUI cases by the same methods used today. After Mr. Lawson left the prosecutor's office, he opened his defense practice, exclusively devoted to DUI. With the same DUI training as the judges and lawyers who are prosecuting DUI cases, Mr. Lawson now uses this knowledge and training to defend his clients charged with driving under the influence in Georgia courts.

For more than twenty years, Georgia lawyer Richard Lawson has fought hard to help more than 4,600 Georgia residents keep their driver's licenses. He has successfully handled over 4,600 DUI cases. This includes helping Georgians to get their DUI charges dismissed, or reduced to lesser offenses. Mr. Lawson has been lead counsel in hundreds of jury trials and court motions.

Over so many years of successfully representing people all over the state of Georgia charged with DUIs, Richard S. Lawson has earned a professional reputation as a highly skilled trial lawyer. He has defended clients throughout the state, and is admitted to practice in all trial courts in the Atlanta metro area and North Georgia.

Richard Lawson keeps up to date with the latest changes in DUI detection science, and the law. He has completed extensive coursework on field sobriety testing, evaluation and DUI detection. Mr. Lawson even instructs other lawyers at the Institute for Continuing Legal Education, where he teaches techniques to win DUI cases. He is even certified as an instructor in DUI Detection and Field Sobriety Testing, standardized by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This certification qualifies Mr. Lawson to teach police officers themselves how to conduct field sobriety tests.

Mr. Lawson continues to educate and train others in DUI defense. He taught a seminar on cross-examination techniques for the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and educates others through publishing articles and other works on DUI defense. These include:

  • “Investigations in DUI Cases” for the Georgia Association of Private Investigators;
  • “Opening Statement and Voir Dire” for the Defense of Drinking Driver's Institute;
  • "It's Only a DUI" for the Defense of Drinking Drivers Institute;
  • “Legal Ethics” for the Defense of Drinking Drivers Institute; and
  • "DUI Drugs and Prescription Drug DUI", a chapter for a book published by Thompson Reuters

Richard Lawson not only represents people in court charged with DUI, and other alcohol or drug related crimes, he also fights for his clients during their license suspension hearing. Mr. Lawson brings the same dedication, training and courtroom skills to make sure his clients keep their driver's licenses and driving privileges before the Georgia Department of Driver Services administrative driver's license suspension hearing.

If you have been charged with drunk driving, including as a habitual offender, underage, or other related charges, call Richard S. Lawson today. Mr. Lawson is committed to providing his clients with the best service, keeping them informed of any developments, and making sure he get results. He is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to discuss any DUI case or questions. Remember, a DUI arrest does not mean that you are guilty. 

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