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Atlanta DUI and Higher Education

College Consequences for a DUI in Georgia

Under Georgia law, it is illegal to operate a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If a driver is caught driving under the influence, they will most likely be arrested. After an arrest, the driver should hire an experienced and local DUI defense lawyer to deal with the charges. Depending on the case, the lawyer can help secure reduced charges, or even have all charges dropped.

If there is no conviction, there is no need to report a DUI to any college officials, because there is no criminal record. However, if the driver did get a conviction, either as a guilty plea or through a trial, there may be consequences to the individual's future college prospects.

College Application

Whether or not a college applicant needs to disclose a prior DUI will depend on the college application. If there is a portion of the application which requires reporting of criminal adjudications, then the DUI should be reported. The applications should be filled out truthfully. Falsifying information on a college application will likely result in disciplinary action by the college or university.

If there is an optional space to note any prior convictions, it is up to the applicant to report the DUI, but may not be necessary. DUIs remain a relatively common crime, and college admissions personnel are aware of the number of applicants with DUI charges. In most cases, a simple one-time DUI will not result in denied admission.

Scholarship Opportunities

A DUI conviction may make some students eligible for certain financial aid or scholarships. This generally only applies to felony DUI convictions. Most DUIs in Georgia are prosecuted as misdemeanors, which may not impact financial aid. However, private scholarship opportunities will depend on the individual application. Those program requirements need to be reviewed to determine whether there is any prohibition related to a misdemeanor or felony DUI.

College Athletes

A college athlete who is arrested for drunk driving may face suspension. College athletes are usually required to abide by certain honor codes, which could prohibit alcohol or drug usage. This may also prohibit certain activities including drinking and driving. When a college athlete is arrested for a DUI, the coach or other university officials will likely suspend the athlete. However, depending on the school and the criminal charges, a college athlete could lose their athletic scholarship as a result of drunk driving charges.

Law School or Graduate School DUI

Just as with undergraduate applications, graduate school or professional school applications vary. Many graduate school applications will include a section to report any criminal convictions. This would include DUIs. Other schools may only require reporting of felonies, which rarely include DUIs. Professional schools, such as law school, may require disclosure of any events which may raise character fitness issues. This could include crimes or wrongdoing that did not end in a conviction. Failure to disclose these events could cause problems later on if the Georgia Office of Bar Admissions discovers the applicant failed to report a DUI.

College DUI Defense Lawyer

If you are a high school or college student who has been charged with driving under the influence in Atlanta, don't let a DUI charge put a hold on your college future. You need the knowledge and courtroom experience of a top DUI lawyer who understands what a DUI may mean for your college career. Call me today, so we can prevent a DUI arrest from becoming a DUI conviction.

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