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Can I Get a Job With an Atlanta DUI On My Record?

Applying for a Job in Georgia After a DUI

In the State of Georgia, a DUI conviction will remain on a person's permanent criminal record. There is no DUI expungement in Georgia, so even a DUI which occurred 10 or 15 years ago will still show up on a criminal background check. With more and more employers doing background checks on potential job candidates, a DUI can make it more difficult, or even impossible to get a job.

DUI on Job Applications

Whether or not a prospective employee will have to disclose a prior DUI will depend on the job, the job application, and the interview. Trying to hide a DUI conviction is not a good idea, because it can be easily discovered with a simple background check. Most employers do background checks, and if they find that the applicant was trying to conceal a criminal conviction, this will reflect poorly on the applicant.

However, in most cases, where an arrest does not lead to a conviction, there will be no need to disclose this to an employer because it will not show up as a criminal record. Just because a driver gets arrested for a DUI does not mean they have to be convicted. It is important to speak to a qualified, local DUI defense lawyer, who can look into the details of your individual case, and discover weaknesses in the prosecutions case, to get the charges reduced or entirely dismissed.

Types of Jobs Affected by a DUI

The likelihood of getting hired after a DUI will depend on the type of job. Some jobs which require driving as part of the job will be much more difficult to get after a DUI. This is because an employer may have to pay more to insure a driver with a prior DUI, and because they don't want to take the chance that a driver with a criminal conviction has a substance abuse problems. This will affect jobs such as delivery drivers, truck drivers, forklift operators, couriers, cab driver, commercial drivers and even Uber or Lyft drivers.

Other jobs with a high level of public trust may be more difficult to get after a DUI. Jobs involving patient and public safety could also affect hiring. This could include police officers, nurses, pharmacy technicians, government or military jobs, and pilots.

How Long Will a DUI Be a Hiring Factor?

Unfortunately, there is no time limit for a DUI on a person's criminal record. In Georgia, a DUI does not disappear from a criminal record. However, for most employers, the more time that has passed since a DUI conviction, the less of a negative factor it will be. If an applicant had a DUI more than five or ten years ago, and no other convictions before or since, they may consider the DUI a one-time mistake. However, if an applicant had a DUI within the past year, and another DUI or two before that, they may see this as a red flag that the person has a problem with substance abuse, and may not be a suitable hire. This is why it is important to make sure a DUI arrest does not lead to a conviction.

DUI Lawyer Defending Job Seekers

If you have been charged with driving under the influence or other alcohol related charge in Atlanta, you risk a permanent criminal record. Future employers will see your DUI through a simple background check, and may threaten future employment. In order to keep a clean criminal record call me today. Don't let one simple mistake result in not getting hired.

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