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Can I Still Be a Police Officer After an Atlanta DUI?

Police Officers Arrested for a DUI

Police officers and others in law enforcement are at risk of getting pulled over for driving under the influence, just as anyone else is. However, because of the nature of their jobs, the consequences for a DUI can be much more severe. For people who seek a future career in law enforcement, they may be facing an uphill battle after a DUI.

If a police officer is arrested for a DUI, they will most likely face some penalties while an investigation takes place. This may include suspension or administrative leave with or without pay. Upon completion of an investigation, the penalties may depend on the situation. This includes if an accident was involved, if there were injuries, the officer's past driving record, and incidents of prior DUIs. The situation will also depend on the department's policies. In most cases a simple DUI will not result in an officer losing their job. On the other hand, an arrest for drinking while on duty may be the most serious violation, and will most likely result in termination.

Many people believe that a code of silence within law enforcement means that a police officer pulled over for a DUI will be let go without being arrested. While this can occur, with an increase in the use of cameras and recording devices, letting a drunk officer off the hook may result in severe penalties for the officer who pulled over the driver. As a result, police officers who are over the limit will be arrested, and face the consequences. If the arrested officer tries to seek favor from the arresting officer on account of them being a fellow law enforcement officer, they may face additional penalties.

DUI for a Future Law Enforcement Prospect

Many people who wish to become police officers want to know if a DUI will prevent them from seeking a career in law enforcement. The answer depends on many factors, but it can be most helpful to make sure the individual has no DUI conviction on their record. This should involve contacting a Georgia DUI defense lawyer with extensive experience representing those charged with drunk driving or other alcohol related offenses.

Unfortunately for those who have a DUI on their record, it can be difficult to find employment as a law enforcement officer. This depends on a lot of factors, including how long ago the violation occurred, the seriousness of the offense, if there were multiple DUIs, and if the DUI involved drugs. A felony conviction may mean an applicant is automatically ineligible for a career in law enforcement.

The job market may also affect a prospects likelihood of being hired as a police officer. This is because, although a DUI may not be an automatic ban, it can be taken into consideration when looking at a large pool of qualified applicants. In these cases, any DUI will be a negative mark on an applicant's record, especially the more recent the violation, if there was more than one DUI, or if injury resulted. In tough economic times, there are usually many more applicants to police jobs than there are vacancies.

Georgia DUI Defense Lawyer

If you hope to have a future career in law enforcement, and have been charged with driving under the influence here in the Metro Atlanta area, then you need the courtroom experience of a DUI defense lawyer who knows what this can mean for your future. A DUI arrest does not have to mean a conviction. With my practice devoted to DUI defense, I will utilize my legal knowledge to get your charges dropped or reduced. Call my office anytime day or night.

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