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Lyft or Uber Driving with a DUI in Atlanta

Lyft or Uber Driving with a DUI

Lyft and Uber are the countries biggest peer-to-peer ridesharing companies. These companies use a mobile phone application to connect available drivers with passengers who need a ride. The networks are expanding across the country, and across the globe. Taxi companies have been calling for shutting these companies down, but many users note the convenience and lower cost of these services.

Both Lyft and Uber have a presence in the Atlanta Metro area. Passengers need only download the “app” for Android or iPhone, and enter in some contact information and their credit card. However, prospective drivers need to go through a more expansive background check, vehicle inspection, and a review of their criminal history, including any past convictions for driving under the influence.

Lyft Driver Regulations

According to Lyft, in order for someone to be approved as a Lyft network driver, they will have to pass their screening process. This includes researching a driver through:

  • Review of their motor vehicle records;
  • Review of national sex offender registries;
  • Personal criminal background checks;
  • Vehicle inspection;
  • Safety session and training; and
  • Over the age of 21, and had a driver's license for more than three (3) years.

For people with a past DUI conviction, Lyft will screen out drivers who have had a DUI or other drug-related driving violation on their driving record within the the last seven (7) years. They will also check criminal records to make sure an applicant has not had any drug-related offenses or felonies in the past seven (7) years.

They also have a “Zero-Tolerance Policy towards drug and alcohol, and ask passengers to report suspicions of intoxicant use.

Uber Background Checks

Uber ridesharing has a similar requirement to Lyft for approving potential drivers. According to Uber, drivers must go through a three-part screening process which includes county, federal and multi-state background checks that go back seven (7) years. Part of that screening process involves checking motor vehicle records, both historical and ongoing.

To pass, drivers cannot have any DUI or drug related driving violation, or severe infraction going back seven (7) years. That includes hit and runs, fatal accidents, history of reckless driving, and resisting or evading arrest. A driver must also not have a driving without insurance or suspended license charge in the past three (3) years.

DUI Lawyer Defending Uber and Lyft

Many people who seek to become Uber or Lyft drivers are doing it as a supplemental source of income, because they can work on or off, when they have free time, and on nights and weekends. However, if an applicant has a DUI on their record in the past seven years, this will most likely prevent them from being able to seek any work as a rideshare app driver.

If you have been charged with driving under the influence or other drug or alcohol related charge in the Atlanta area, you risk having the arrest turn into a conviction, with a permanent criminal record. But an arrest does not have to mean a conviction. There are many ways to fight a DUI conviction, and I have focused my professional career on defending people charged with DUIs. I have the training, education, and courtroom experience to fight for your rights, and make sure you keep a clean criminal record, and your license to drive. Call me today and we'll work to get your charges reduced or dismissed.

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