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Delta Airline Pilot Arrested for a DUI

DUI for Delta Airlines Pilots

Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL) is not only the busiest airport in the country, it handles more passengers than any airport in the world! ATL is also home to Delta Airlines. Given the high stress and the busy and erratic schedule of an airline pilot, just like anyone else, they may find themselves arrested on suspicion of a DUI. However, airline pilots may face additional consequences over other professions if they are convicted of a DUI.

If you are a Delta or other airline pilot arrested for a DUI, contact an experienced Atlanta DUI attorney as soon as possible. You may only have 30 days to fight an Administrative License Suspension (ALS) that has to be reported to the FAA. If you don't request an ALS hearing within 30 days of your arrest, you license will be automatically suspended.

Administrative Actions

Under FAA requirements (14 CFR 61.15), a pilot has to send a notification letter to FAA's Security and Investigations Division within 60 calendar days of the effective date of an alcohol-related conviction or administrative action. The Georgia Department of Driver Services will suspend your driver's license 30 days after a DUI arrest, even if you have not been convicted of a crime. This is an administrative action that has to be reported to the FAA.

The only way to prevent the automatic suspension is to request an ALS hearing within 30 days of your arrest. Your Atlanta DUI lawyer will be able to file the ALS 30-day letter, and will also be able to represent you during the ALS hearing, to fight to keep your license from being suspended.

Refusing to submit to a chemical test after a DUI arrest will also result in an administrative action. If the police or State Patrol arrests you on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, refusing a breath, blood or urine test may result in the automatic suspension of your driver's license for one year. This is also an administrative action that has to be reported to the FAA.

Criminal DUI Convictions

If you are convicted of driving under the influence, that will trigger another mandatory reporting to the FAA. The FAA website provides a link to the Notification Letter which is to be sent to the to must be sent to the FAA upon conviction or administrative action. The letter is to include contact information, the type of violation, state where the violation occurred, and statement whether this is related to a previous reporting action or a new incident.

Failing to report a DUI administrative action or conviction can result in additional penalties. Georgia will report any DUI convictions or license suspensions to the National Driver's Registry. Failure to comply with the reporting requirements may result in denial of an application for a certificate, or suspension or revocation of your pilot's certificate.

DUI Defense for Delta Airline Pilots

If you are a Delta pilot, or a pilot for any airline and have been arrested for a DUI in the Atlanta Metro area, you need a DUI defense lawyer who understands how a DUI can put a pilot's flying career at risk. However, just because you were arrested for a DUI does not mean you should be convicted. I have successfully represented a number of airline pilots facing a DUI. Call me today so we can prevent any administrative action taken against you, so you can keep your license to drive, and your certificate to fly.

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