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Probation For Atlanta DUI

Probation for an Atlanta DUI

If you have been convicted of a DUI, there are some longer term repercussions, including probation. The judge in a DUI case may put the driver on probation for up to a year. Probation will mean that while your aren't in jail, you still have to abide by certain requirements. If you are caught violating probation, you may be put back into jail or face additional penalties. The terms of your probation will depend on the specific criminal charge, and your criminal history.

For someone who is convicted of their first DUI, they will often get the minimum of one day in jail, and the remaining 364 days of the year on probation. The terms of probation will generally include the requirement to pay a fine, have their license suspended, complete an alcohol risk reduction course, probation fees, and complete community service.

Additional terms of probation can also be imposed, depending on the facts of the case, any criminal history, and the judge's discretion. This could include alcohol screening, random drug testing, no driving under any amount of alcohol (even under the legal limit), avoiding contact with certain people, and avoid going to certain places.

Violating a technical term of your probation may lead to a warrant for your arrest. You may have to spend time in jail, awaiting a probation revocation hearing. At the hearing, a judge can revoke your probation and you may be subjected to additional or extended penalties. If you commit a new criminal offense while on probation, this can also result in revoking your probation, in addition to any new criminal penalties. You still have rights at your revocation hearing, so contact an experienced Atlanta DUI lawyer if your probation officer wants to revoke your probation.

After a DUI, a judge can sentence a driver to a year in jail. However, they may suspend the sentence and have the year-long sentence served as probation. Probation does not mean that the driver is totally in the clear, there are conditions to probation, and if those conditions are not met, then the driver can end up in jail, and could potentially stay there for longer than their initial sentence. Probation conditions could include DUI school, evaluation and treatment, drug or alcohol tests, and avoiding certain people or places.

The problem with random drug or alcohol testing is that you never know when they may occur, so it is best to steer clear of any drugs or alcohol for that entire year. Of course, some people may never even get an alcohol test while on probation, but other people may be tested much more often. Alcohol testing could reflect alcohol in your system days after your last drink. A positive test may result in a probation revocation hearing, which could land you in jail.

Atlanta DUI Lawyer

Make sure you understand the penalties associated with a DUI conviction. After talking to a qualified DUI lawyer, you may find that you have a good chance of having all charges dismissed, so you can keep a clean record, and keep you license to drive. Even a first-time DUI arrest is a serious matter, and keeping a criminal DUI conviction off your record is worth fighting for. If you are convicted, not only will you go to jail for a minimum of 24 hours, but you may then be on probation for a year, and have to abide by the all the terms of probation.

With so much more at stake after an Atlanta DUI, you need a skilled Georgia DUI defense attorney with experience representing people charged with driving under the influence. I exclusively handle DUI cases in Atlanta. Don't risk a criminal record and loss of your driver's license. Call me anytime 24/7, so we can get started to keep you out of jail, and save your license.

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